• Advocate for greater awareness of tourism amongst the Palestinian people, so as to create and maintain a positive attitude toward the tourism industry, for which Palestine is renowned;

• Act as an official representative body on behalf of members to the Palestinian Authority and all other government, municipal and non-government organizations of which the association has common interests and objectives;

• Campaign for more awareness in all Palestinian districts and governorates by instituting and continuing tourism plans of each province; to train and educate members’ staff in order to improve their efficiency in travel services;

• Introduce activities for tourism promotion, such as travel exchanges, familiarization trips, workshops and related activities;

• Promote and support the Palestinian Travel and Tourism industry, by simulating, encouraging and promoting the desire to travel;

• Research and analyze relevant data, exchange and expand knowledge in regard to the travel industry;

• Protect and nurture the mutual interests of its member’s private businesses in an ethical and socially responsible manner;

• Support and co-operate the work of the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities through promoting the increase of tourism in Palestine;

• Circulate rules and regulations that will help members enhance the performance and integrity of the travel industry;

• Work with non-travel industry companies, associations and individuals in furthering mutual interests, such as hotels, restaurants and private tour guides, and to improve the role of tourism in the national economy;

• Unify the travel and tourism industry by supporting and develop friendship and common purpose among PSTTA members.

It is through these objectives that PSTTA strives to strengthen and increase this all-important industry for both the betterment of our chosen professions and for the good of our nation both now and for future generations to come.