There’s no denying it; Cyprus is the ideal Mediterranean locale for the Palestinian seeking to experience the most and travel the least. From a warm sultry coastline that gives way to the refreshing crispness of the interior mountains to a range of modern cities and pristine villages, Cyprus packs the best of Europe and the Mediterranean all in one setting.

Major resort cities such as Limmasol, Agia Napa, and Larnaca offer a mix of regional culture with modern tourist attractions, all set against a seemingly endless backdrop of beaches for swimming, sunbathing and watersports. Nicosia provides for excellent shopping and a well-preserved old city that offers hours of exploration, while Pafos is a cultural and historic watershed.

Travelling to the interior of the island, the subtropical coastal plain gives way to the arid mountains, dotted with scenic overviews and often nestled with Greek Orthodox monasteries that have preserved the faith and national character of the Cypriot people for almost two thousand years. The friendliness and hospitable nature of the Cypriot people, coupled with Greek cuisine and music only add to the excitement and romance of discovering the island.

With English as the official second language of Cyprus, and an excellent tourism infrastructure, it’s easy to see why Cyprus only continues to be one of the top vacation destinations for Palestinians.

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