With three and a half millennium of history, Gaza can lay claim to being one of the world’s most continuously inhabited port cities in the world, and the inheritor of a richly diverse heritage. Ancient Egyptian records refer to “Azzati” as being a prosperous sea port and caravan stop, one that could mint its own coins and surpassed all other cities in historic Palestine in importance.

Christian tradition holds that the Gazan, Saint Porphyros, is one of the most important figures of the early Byzantine Era, while Crusades, Islamic Dynasties, the Ottomans and the British all recognized the importance of the Jewel of the Mediterranean. While access to Gaza remains difficult since 2006, there is little doubt that Gazans will see a return of tourists to their warm beaches, plentiful sea and historic treasures of this remarkable corner of the Holy Land.

Gaza Checklist

  • Visit the Great Mosque of Gaza
  • Sample the catch of the day from the Gazan fisherman’s nets at a local restaraunt
  • Tour the compound of the Church of Saint Porphyrios
  • Refresh yourself at the Samaritan Bathhouse
  • Walk barefoot along the shores of the warm Gaza Sea
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