Best known as the land of Abraham, Hebron remains a center for Islamic faith in the Holy Land and an economic powerhouse for Palestine.

As the burial place for Abraham and many other key figures in the tradition of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, Hebron’s Old City grew around the Ibrahim Mosque to service the pilgrims who travelled from across the world, while the fertile hills around the city provided Hebronites with ample land for agriculture and shepherding.

Private wealth and religious endowments have also given Hebron an impressive collection of architectural heritage, while a booming manufacturing industry has made the modern city a homeowner’s must-visit destination for domestic needs at affordable prices. Despite the difficulties that the Israeli occupation of the city has caused, Hebron remains a special combination of the past, present and future of Palestine.

Hebron Checklist

  • Get your name written in a bottle of sand in the Old City
  • Visit the Ibrahim Mosque
  • Take a carriage ride through the market district
  • Do some bargain shopping in the commercial district
  • Eat stuffed lamb’s neck at Abu Mazen’s Restaurant
  • Design your own colored vase at a glass blowing shop
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